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Am.Can.Ch. Elmo's Don't Shake Pyramids, JC, FCh
September 1993 - November 2004

Photo by Savoir

Shaker has been a once in a lifetime dog for me. He has done all that I
have asked of him and has done it with such enthusiasm. From the
conformation ring to the coursing field and even in agility Shaker thrived
on new adventures.
My friends call him a "Labrador in Drag" because of his gregarious
personality and perhaps also because he can be seen swimming in the river
most mornings!
I would like to Thank Peter Belmont Jr. for entrusting him to me!

Shaker pictured winning one of his 50+ group 1sts

Hips OFA good
Elbows Normal
Thyroid Normal
Cerf Normal(06/01)
VwD Normal

Shaker has an outstanding front that is seldom seen it the breed today.  He has correct angulation with the front assembly set back on the body.

Photo by Laurie Savoir

Shaker & Doug Belter

More Photos of Shaker

Shaker is producing very well, to see pictures of puppies that he has produced so far, go to...

Shaker Kids

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